World Earth Day: Introducing our New Hybrid Vans

On World Earth Day Red Tree are reflecting on our Environmental Policy. The focus this year is on Climate Action and how actions big and small can make a difference in the fight against climate change.

As a business, Red Tree strive to make continuous improvements to minimise the impact our internal operations and site activities have on the environment. As part of this we are committed to minimising fuel use and associated CO₂ emissions. With this at the forefront of our decision making, we recently purchased two Transit Custom (PHEV) Self Charging Hybrid vans to add to our fleet.

Distinguished by new livery, these vehicles are equipped with technology that recuperates and stores energy to charge a 48V system Li-Ion battery. This stored energy provides torque assist to the engine under normal driving conditions and runs normal vehicle electrical ancillaries. The resulting load reduction of the engine leads to improved fuel economy and lower CO₂ emissions.

The first recipient of one of the new vehicles was one of our Site Managers, Mark Kenyon. Mark has been with Red Tree since 2011, his conscientious attitude and hard work has seen him progress from General Site Operative to site supervisor in 2014, and in 2018, he made the step up to his current role.

Red Tree are using the second vehicle as a support vehicle across multiple sites. The hybrid is ideal for this purpose due to its EcoMode feature which is tuned to maximise fuel economy and efficiency.

Across all areas of the business Red Tree  are committed to enhancing local and global environments to ensure that our activities are carried out in a sustainable way. Red Tree aim to be a contractor of first choice for clients who expect, safety, quality and sustainability.

We all have a part to pay in protecting our future and small steps along the way can lead to big changes.