Red Tree, Red Dragons, Dogs and Pyg’s

Red Tree Scales Snowdon for Dementia UK – 

We can now add ‘mountain climbers’ and ‘dog carriers’ to our CVs.🗻🐕‍🦺 Red Tree took the PYG track, completing their ascent of Snowdon to raise money for Dementia UK. It was a challenge, but the team persevered and reached the top. In true British fashion, the sun disappeared, (thanks Blighty) and it clagged in… unfortunately tampering with our view! You’ll need to use your imagination to push through the fog! Well done team, we are extremely proud of the difference you are making.

So far, we have raised an amazing £1900 pounds and our target is £2000. Please help us with that very last push! Thank you to everyone who has donated, we appreciate your support. 💗 💙
Red Tree Mountain Climbers